Central California Youth Summit (CCYS) is a one day conference event aimed to provide resources, education, and hope.

CCYS Mission

Central California Youth Summit (CCYS) commits to engage, empower, support and inform youth and adults about the dangers of teen dating violence and strives to provide resources on issues affecting youth regardless of gender, class, sexual preference or race.

CCYS Vision

CCYS commits to creating positive change beginning with our local community and grow to further encompass all of Tulare County of beyond. CCYS strives to continually engage and inform youth, parents, teachers and guardians about the issues of teen dating violence and the ever evolving issues youth are facing. CCYS strives to partner and collaborate with agencies and organizations that meet the emotional, physical and mental health of youth and those caring for youth. CCYS is dedicated to a community free from violence.

CCYS 2017

Central California Youth Summit (CCYS) will be held on November 3, 2017 at Port Naz.  The focus this year is on providing information to our Seventh Grade students.  We are partnering with Porterville and Burton Unified School Districts.  We will have speakers from various community organizations as well as a wrap up session where students and presenters with interact.
If you are interested in this conference you can contact Theresa Hurtado or Betty Luna at 559-781-7462.

Below are links for the video’s that will be presented at the CCYS Conference.

Social Media Awareness:
What does our social media tell others about us?

What does our information tell others about our history, habits, and hangouts?

Can we believe what someone else’s social media says about them?

How can we protect ourselves from online predators?
Follow the Rules
– Never download without permission
– Always ask before sharing personal information
*Know Who You*re Talking To
– Alert an adult if a stranger contacts you online
– Never meet face-to-face with anyone from the internet
-Tell a parent, teacher, officer, or any trusted adult if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, sad, or scared

How have applications and mobile technology changed the way we use social media?
Information can be instantly provided to the masses.
Devices used to transmit that information are small enough to carry in our pockets.
While beneficial in many ways, this convenience also opens the door for many dangers

Communications through the use of internet or mobile technology that seek to*


*the recipient of the message


Research has shown that males start cyberbullying at an earlier age than females BUT*.
*by middle school females are far more likely to participate in cyberbullying than males!

The effects cyberbullying has on victims can be psychological or physical
– lower self-esteem
– isolation from friends
– loneliness
– distrust
– depression
– self-harm
– suicide

This program will focus on healthy relationships and the 4 types of abuse
How to Prevent Becoming a victim.

Suicide Prevention: Life 101
Signs of Suicide
A Look at the signs and symptoms of suicide and how to get help.